Our story of travelling and planning epic escapes started in Russia almost 17 years ago. Then we happened to move miles away to the Southern tip of African continent and Cape Town became our new home. With Russia being the world’s largest country and Africa being the largest continent on earth, both destinations offer visitors the experience of a lifetime. The team of Miles Away is here to connect those two worlds and offer our customers signature itineraries  by adding value and experience to the mix.


Thousands of travellers have wanted to visit Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. If you’re one of them, check our outbound packages to plan the trip of your lifetime.



If exploring the African continent or South Africa, in particular, has always been on your bucket list, we invite you to click below and learn more about our signature packages.


Why Trust Us

Miles Away Travel was born 11 years ago with one single mission in its focus: opening up the world (and all the adventures it entails) to travellers, taking them miles away to help them get closer to who they truly are.

We lived and worked in both, Russia and South Africa, we organized countless tours of different complexity, so we are very well-oiled as far as product knowledge is concerned. We’ve experienced first hand what both countries have to offer, pushed ourselves to our own limits with thrilling activities, and assisted many travellers in planning their adventures.

When you choose us as your travel partner, you get to experience the below BIG FIVE promises:

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Where to Next?

Get excited about your new adventure as you are about to tick it off your bucket list. Let our team tailor make it for you, adding those specials ingredients that will make it so deliciously special.